About Us


The Centre will play this role through undertaking her mandate of:

  • Develop strategic collaborations with training development partners for enhancing impact nationally, regionally and globally.
  • Market the training programmes in Kenya and internationally
  • Serve as an observatory of regional and global trends and changes occurring in higher education and other sectors.
  • Act on various training requests from within Kenyatta University and other institutions as well as strategic clients in the region and internationally.
  • Establish priority training areas for the university staff in Kenya, the region and internationally.

Consequently, the Centre operates under the guidance of the University’s Strategic and Vision Plan, the Policy developed by the Board and approved by University Management in March 2008 and revised in 2010, and 2015, the Director’s and Board’s terms of reference, and  the University Quality Management manual.
ICCD believes that an empowered society impacts positively on the economic and political stability of nations. Therefore, the Centre will execute its training mandate tempered with economic and social objectives in an effort to contribute to the political stability and growth of the nations.


A leading International Centre in training and capacity development.


To provide quality training by utilizing cutting-edge technology and highly skilled and competent resource persons.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote and enhance high standards of training, learning, scholarship, management, and governance among organizations.
  • To install a quality assurance system and continuously review it to guarantee high quality training programmes that meet customer needs.
  • To develop and ensure a strong resource and financial sustainability.
  • To ensure continuous development of both internal and external Human Resources.
  • To aggressively market the Centre's training programs in-order to meet the market demand and anticipated future challenges.
  • To promote and enhance the Centre's competitive advantage through strategic collaborations with training and development partners.

The Centre shall pursue its Vision and Mission by upholding the following core values:

  • Professionalism and Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovativeness and Creativity
  • Social Responsibility

Service Charter

 Download or view our service charter here


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